Henry Young Broadcast Camera Operator


I have worked as a lighting designer for over 7 years, starting in school productions and musicals, before working my way up to TV entertainment lighting. I have been taught by many of the industry's leading lighting designers and have had the opportunity to work in environments where I can experiment with new technologies.

My lighting design experience includes:

  • Multicamera entertainment lighting - music / quiz / panel shows etc.
  • Single camera interview lighting
  • News / debate lighting
  • High frame rate / slow-motion lighting

From a technical perspective, I am adept at:

  • Rigging, patching and troubleshooting conventional and intelligent fixtures (including Art-Net / RDM)
  • DMX infrastructure installation configuration
  • Console operation (Jands Vista; ETC Cobalt / Eos) and vision control (‘racks’)

A selection of my broadcast, film and theatre work is displayed below.