Henry Young Broadcast Camera Operator


I work on a wide variety of live and pre-recorded multicamera OBs, on projects varying from Formula 1 car launches in the pits at Silverstone to 1000 children premiering a new opera at the Royal Albert Hall.

Whilst I am experienced at rigging and operating conventional broadcast cameras, including box-lenses, on OBs, I am able to rig and operate a variety of different equipment. I have significant experience working on "cinematic" OB setups using cinema cameras such as the Sony FS7 and Arri Amira, often with Fujinon and Canon cinema lenses; I know what is required in order to get the most out of these cameras, and can help prepare kit lists.

I have good lighting and engineering experience, allowing me to assist other departments and crew as required. I have worked on many corporate OBs where I have been required to not only operate cameras, but also light and dress a set.


  • OB camera operator on Dyson Corrale Live Show (for Flux Broadcast)
  • OB camera operator on Microsoft Intelligent Security Summit (for Trickbox TV)
  • OB camera operator (pedestal / robotics) on Transform: Building the future SHL (for Trickbox TV)
  • OB camera operator (pedestal) on Dyson Corrale Live Demo (for Odelay Films)
  • OB camera assistant on Autosport Awards 2019 (for One Box Television)
  • OB camera operator on BFI Flare Live (for Trickbox TV)
  • OB camera operator (long-lens) on National Film & TV School Gala 2018, 2019 (for Flux Broadcast)
  • OB camera supervisor (long-lens) on Echoes 8: Dare To Dream at the Royal Albert Hall
  • OB camera operator on Advertising Week Europe 2019 (for Flux Broadcast)
  • OB camera operator (pedestal) on Goodyear Omnitrak Tyre launch (for Flux Broadcast)
  • OB camera operator (long-lens) on Buckinghamshire Music Trust Celebration Concert 2018 at the Royal Albert Hall
  • OB camera operator (handheld) at Notting Hill Carnival (for Trickbox TV)
  • OB camera operator (handheld) covering an event for Nestle Purina Felix (for Flux Broadcast)
  • OB camera operator (long-lens) on Dyson V10 launch (for Flux Broadcast)
  • OB camera operator (long-lens) on 2018 Mercedes F1 car launch (for Flux Broadcast)