Buckinghamshire Music Trust

Outside Broadcast Camerawork

I was one of 7 camera operators on this concert, operating a long-lens camera covering over 800 performers from Buckinghamshire Music Trust performing at the Royal Albert Hall. In addition, I was the producer of the DVD coverage.

More about the production:

I was approached by Buckinghamshire Music Trust to facilitate the recording of their Celebration Concert, filmed at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in central London. After initial discussions, it was decided upon to pursue a 6-camera production with full ISO recording to bolster a mixed live cut. Audio-wise we arranged with the FOH sound team to provide splits of their microphones to create a 64-track recording, which allowed us for complete control in post-production. Since we were looking to sell DVDs of the concert to the families and friends of performers, equipment, crew and solutions were chosen to allow a reduced turnaround time.

As producer I was responsible for booking equipment, crew and liaising with the venue's technical teams. I approached a number of companies to provide OB facilities, and I eventually chose Trickbox TV to provide the bulk of the camera kit and all of the vision gallery equipment, with freelance contractors and other companies chosen to provide additional kit.

Production statistics:

  • 6x Sony HDC-1500 on fibre
    • 1x jib located in the gallery
    • 2x Osprey pedestals in the arena
    • 3x long-lens tripods located in boxes around the hall
  • 1x Sony PDW-F800 RF handheld (Boxx link with tally and full telemetry)
  • 9x recorders - camera ISOs plus TX
  • 64x audio recording channels
  • 5 tonnes of camera, gallery and sound equipment
  • Over 2km of cabling
  • 30 crew (including those involved in post-production)