JHGS Virtual Tour


Client: John Hampden Grammar School

I was asked to produce a virtual tour of the school in order to allow prospective pupils and parents a chance to see the school's facilities, as coronavirus restrictions meant that these visits could not always be held in person.

I was initially involved with planning a route for the video to take place, and identifying which elements could be filmed together. I provided my DJI Ronin RSC2 gimbal, Sony camera kit and audio kit in order to capture the tour, which was filmed in less than three hours around lessons and exams taking place. The footage was then taken into the edit, where additional footage from previous projects and mobile-phone photography of school events were added to create a cohesive and free-flowing video.

Filming in schools during the coronavirus pandemic is a high-risk activity for both production teams and the staff and students. Hence, particular importance was placed on ensuring that COVID-19 guidelines were followed at all times. This included scheduling movement around the school to avoid coinciding with the movement of students between lessons, and wearing masks at all times in corridors and when in close proximity with talent.