OB camera operator for Trickbox TV on SHL's "Transform: building the future SHL", live from SHL Head Office in Thames Ditton. For the first session, I was involved in rigging, FACs and rehearsals on four Sony HDC-1500 cameras with prompt; for the second session onwards COVID restrictions meant that we switched to four Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ remote cameras which I operated from a position elsewhere in the building. I was also involved with filming some pre-recorded content in the same space, with the same equipment.

I was also involved with lighting the set for the first session, and took responsibility for lighting for sessions 2 onwards. The use of a workplace canteen meant that all lighting equipment needed to be rigged on stands, involving careful positioning to avoid impeding on access routes and to allow for the best camera and monitor placement.

Director: Azim Shah (Sessions 1-3, 5), Richie Litchfield (Session 4)
OB Unit Manager: Andy Yates
Client: The Why for SHL