JHGS Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening


Client: John Hampden Grammar School

Following the hard work by the entire team on producing the Virtual Open Evening for Year 7 entry, we were asked to produce a series of videos designed to replace the conventional Sixth Form "Open Evening" which the school would normally be running in early November.

Filming in schools during the coronavirus pandemic is a high-risk activity for both production teams and the staff and students. The worsening situation at the end of September and beginning of October meant that increased vigilance was required. The decision was made that we would not relocate around the school site, and that we would film all videos in two dedicated locations over two days. Filming in a working school environment meant that compromises had to be made in regards to the locations, but a consistent graphic style was used to bring all videos together. We were filming more members of staff than previously, and hence the decision was made to film almost all videos using a teleprompter - this reduced filming time which was critical in order to reduce impact on the day-to-day operations of the school

My colleague Ian Stubbs and I shared the filming responsibilities, with Ian taking responsibility for editing the Heads of Department whilst I handled the SLT and Head Boy Team videos. Kit Walker was responsible for the design of the website, and I assisted with finalising the design / feel of the website, as well as the inclusion of all video assets into the final site. The project launched on-schedule.