JHGS Virtual Open Evening 2021


Due to embedding restrictions, I ask that you visit the website to view the videos produced: https://www.jhgs.co.uk/

Client: John Hampden Grammar School

Following a successful year of content created for a number of events, including both full school and Sixth Form Virtual Open Evenings, we were asked to produce the 2021 Virtual Open Evening. Coronavirus restrictions once again meant that this event could not be held in person.

At the end of June, Kit Walker and I shot the "Flagship" video - for this I provided my full Sony FS7 camera kit with fast zooms, full lighting and sound kit. This video involved filming in the Main Hall at the school - which required significant lighting setup in order to light the talent but also the background curtain, chairs and stage - and also involved filming in a classroom and a laboratory for the Year 7 students and Head Boy respectively. B-roll was also captured, for which I provided a DJI Ronin RSC2 gimbal. A rapid edit turnaround of just over a week was successfully completed, including multiple rounds of feedback utilising Frame.io; multiple versions of the video were created for different platforms.

We also shot and edited 3 additional Head of Department videos to replace those that were filmed last year. The remainder of the subject videos, shot by myself and Ian Stubbs with the assistance of Nick Rogers last September, were rewrapped with a new graphics package and reuploaded to the platform.

Kit was responsible for the construction of the website, and I assisted with finalising certain aspects. The project launched on-schedule.

Filming in schools during the coronavirus pandemic is a high-risk activity for both production teams and the staff and students. Hence, particular importance was placed on ensuring that COVID-19 guidelines were followed at all times. This included scheduling movement around the school to avoid coinciding with the movement of students between lessons, and wearing masks at all times in corridors and when in close proximity with talent.