Studio Camerawork

I am a NFTS, BBC and Sky trained studio camera operator and assistant, specialising in pedestal work, and I work on a wide variety of multicamera studio shows. This includes light entertainment, sports and news. I am accustomed to using camera scripts and following shot cards, especially for music.

- Scripted music - I can bar-count
- Busked music
- "Unscripted" shows - such as quiz/panel shows
- Reality - working with multiple directors
- Sitcoms, soap operas - following conventional scripts or shotlists
- Live news - following constantly updating run-downs, operating remote studio cameras

I additionally work as an assistant - assisting handheld, jib and pedestal camera operators primarily, with some experience of Steadicam assisting.

On-set in Sky's Studio 4/5.

On-set in Sky's Studio 4/5.

I am experienced at operating and rigging the following fibre/triax camera channels amongst others:
- Sony HDC-4300 / -1500 / -2500 / -3100
- Sony HSC-300
- Grass Valley LDK 8000 / LDX 86

I can rig lightweight or box-lens camera package from scratch including cradlesautocue and vanity monitors, as well as perform basic maintenance. I am also experienced at troubleshooting, whether it be a cable requiring cleaning or a more complicated routing issue.

Recent Work:

- Thronecast (assistant - supervisor Matt Kime)
- Soccer AM (assistant - supervisor Matt Kime)
Comedians Watching Football … (assistant / junior op - supervisor Mark Barrett)
The Russell Howard Hour (assistant - supervisor Andy Watt)
Skavlan (assistant - supervisor Ian Smith)
- Soccer Saturday (pedestal operator)
Sunday Supplement (pedestal operator)
Goals on Sunday (pedestal operator)
Sky News ‘Sunrise’, ‘All Out Politics’, ‘News at 10’, ‘Ridge on Sunday’ (Shotoku op)