Education Video

Video is key in education, now more than ever.

In a world where in-person attendance is increasingly problematic due to COVID-19 and environmental concerns, video production is key for ensuring that your message can get out into the wider world. We have vast experience of video production, particularly in corporate & education, and understand that well-made, high-value video can inspire your audience and showcase your vision.

It is increasingly difficult for parents to decide which school is right for their children, and video can be a key part of getting your message across. Whether that be a virtual tour, allowing parents to explore in their own time, or interviews with staff and students, we can help improve your video offering.

Video can also improve interaction with existing parents as it is more engaging than a simple email; this can help drive interaction within the community.

Filming events and concerts not only provides an archive recording for future promotional use, it can also allow those unable to attend an event to watch. We can provide live production services as well - ideal for these challenging times.