Vision Control

I have worked as a vision engineer for a number of years, racking up to 6 cameras on live and pre-recorded multi-camera television. With experience as a lighting director / console-operator as well, I am well placed to assist the LD to create the right look for a programme.

My vision control experience includes:

- Multicamera studio entertainment - music / quiz / panel shows etc.
- Multicamera outside broadcasts - news / opinion / entertainment

    From a technical perspective, I am adept at:

    - Rigging, patching and troubleshooting Sony, Grass Valley and Panasonic broadcast cameras, CCUs and RCPs
    - Creating looks for programmes alongside the LD and production team
    - Multi-camera line-up both with and without a chart

    Programmes I have racked include:

    - NFTS Scotland Multi-Camera Television Conversion Course (studio - 2022)
    - The Second Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen (OB - 2022)
    - Acting Up!, The Music Show, Young at Art (studio pilots - 2022)
    - Lowdown Live (studio pilot - 2018)